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Alice in Wonderland Bingo Set


Product Description

Few games have such long and wide appeal as the game of Bingo.  It's a game that ALL ages enjoy!  With this Alice in Wonderland themed Bingo set, you won't be calling out the boring B9 and N14...you'll call out Alice in Wonderland items and concepts!

Bingo is great for parties because of its versatility and ability to be a fun filler activity!  Our game boards were specially designed for quick party play.  Each game board has 16 squares instead of the traditional 25, allowing for quicker games and ultimately more games to be played.  Often times, with the standard 25 grid, a single game can last longer than desired.  With our game boards, no one particular game drags out longer than the fun lasts!  PLUS, you get the added fun of calling out your own FREE SPACE for each round - providing a new twist for added fun!

This Alice in Wonderland themed bingo set comes with the following:

      *  Instructions for game play (including some variations beyond the standard/normal play including Around the Room Bingo!)

      *  Alice in Wonderland themed game markers for calling

      *  Game draws

      *  16 UNIQUE AND TESTED Alice in Wonderland themed bingo cards with Alice in Wonderland themed words for calling spaces.  Each of the 16 Bingo playing cards were tested for uniqueness ensuring that there can only be one winner in any standard Bingo play (UNLIKE cards randomly created using online generators!)

These downloads are offered in adobe acrobat format for your convenience.

What do our actual customers have to say AFTER they've ordered one of our Bingo sets?

"I love this idea and how colorful the cards look!" - Cheryl 

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail. WE love the bingo set and are going to play it with our employee Halloween." - Laurie

"The medieval bingo was a hit and I utilized a lot from the package to make our Ren Faire party good for both adults and kids. We have people asking about next years party already!" - Kari

"Thank you! The Super Hero Bingo game – that will be a blast to play!" - Kirsten M. 

"You are helping make our party here at Columbus a success" - Gloria L. 

"It will be a great game for our camp kids!" - Nancy T. 

Why wait!  You can be downloading this whole Alice in Wonderland Bingo set RIGHT NOW and be moving on to the rest of your party planning!


PLUS - Download this Bingo set now and receive our Bingo Bonanza FREE!!!






We've designed 35 NEW AND ORIGINAL Bingo game variations to make it even more fun. How about Battleship Bingo...or Murder Mystery Bingo? Here are just a few of the game variations included:

Cheater's Bingo
Once Upon A Time Bingo
Jeopardy Bingo
Hangman Bingo
Spy On Your Neighbor Bingo
Blackjack Bingo...

A Total of 35 in all!

Each game variation takes a standard Bingo set and changes the rules slightly to provide for an entirely new game experience! Talk about a way to get the most of your Bingo activity!

The Bingo Bonanza is a 40 page document in standard pdf format and can be downloaded for FREE with the purchase of any of our downloadable Bingo sets!

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